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Best essential oils for working dogs?

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When we think about our dogs and ailments that they might suffer we often look at physical conditions and visible injuries that they may have picked up, either while out working or during the general day to day activities of life.

It’s always a safe option to get the advice and expertise of a vet if you have any health concerns about your spaniel and wise to remember that what might be suitable for humans isn’t necessarily suitable for a dog.

Most of us know that things like chocolate are dangerous for dogs but what about essential oils?

Can we use essential oils and, if so, what are the best essential oils for working dogs that can be used safely and what can they help with?

Many essential oils are suitable for use with dogs and they can provide a range of benefits providing they are used correctly and that they are organic and natural with no additives. Mix the oil with water to dilute before using for safety.

The basics of how essential oil works

Essential oils work primarily with our sense of smell.

Smell is a powerful sense which can impact and affect our moods and behaviour.

A good smell, such as freshly cut grass or baking bread can soothe and comfort us, whereas a bad smell such as burning plastics can revolt and be disgusting.

Just as it is with humans, the same effects apply to our dogs – the key difference is that a dog’s sense of smell is massively superior to that of a human.

For dogs the sense of smell is their prime sense, it is this sense that governs and determines the world in which they live and, above all of their other senses, is the one that they rely upon and trust the most.

Essential oils contain powerful compounds and their use and reputation have been known of for centuries.

There are many products on the market for humans, for example lavender infused wheat bags, that can be heated and used to help with aches and pains.

The use of essential oils can also aid your  spaniel to rest and get to sleep. If your dog struggles to rest or sleep then you can also try these sleeping tips that we list in this article.

These same principles can be useful in helping working dogs.

Using essential oils with working dogs

Spaniels have a highly developed and powerful sense of smell so it is important that if we use essential oils then we have to consider this.

Any oil should always be heavily diluted and never used neat.

The best way to use essential oils with your dog is via a diffuser or burner that heats the oil, the vapours then mix with the air in the room, creating the effect.

Make sure that if you do this that your dog can ‘escape’ rather than keeping him trapped in the room.

Oils should be mixed in the quantity of no more than 20 drops to 100ml of water (1% concentration).

Key Points:

Always consult a vet before using essential oils to treat a condition

Never use neat essential oils always dilute to a 1% concentration using a carrier oil

Never use essential oils orally and do not apply to drinking water

Always monitor your dog to check for any adverse signs

Safety tips for using essential oils on working dogs

Keep essential oils out of reach of pets, they can be toxic if ingested.

Make sure you have 100% pure essential oil, not a fragrance oil.

Spot test with diluted essential oil to check for any reaction. Rinse the area if a reaction occurs.

Never use undiluted oils e.g. Raindrop Therapy, always dilute in a carrier oil.

Do not add essential oils to drinking water as the oil does not dilute and will rest on top.

Essential oils should be used sparingly on dogs as they are more sensitive to them than we are.

Excessive use can lead to sensitisation and irritation of the skin.

Always monitor your pet during/following essential oil use.

Signs of distress to watch for include vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, excessive drooling/salivation, seizures/tremors.

Do not use in delicate areas such as around eyes, ears, nose and other mucous membranes.

Avoid using essential oils over a long term period. Give your pet regular breaks.

Dog essential oils reviewed

Honeydew Natural Pet Spray

Honeydew Products provide a wide range of petcare products that are developed from natural resources, cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

In addition to petcare the company develop and offer household and male and female cosmetic based items also.

Product Information

This is an 8oz (236ml) sized spray bottle containing a nourishing Lavender Pet Spray which soothes and controls irritable skin and dog odours.

It can be used for gentle grooming for dogs and puppies.

The spray also contains Evening Primrose oil to nourish and promote healthy hair.


This is a premium quality dog spray that contains Lavender and Evening Primrose Oils to help keep your dog’s coat in top condition while helping him to remain calm and relaxed from the essential oils.

The spray is 100% cruelty free and contains no parabans or sulfates providing a tear free spray that will not irritate a dog’s eyes.

The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

What we like

Helps dogs to relax and great for anxious dogs

Lavender has a great smell and the spray does not cause any irritation

100% money back guarantee if not satisfied

What we don’t like

The dog’s coat can be wet after application and needs time to dry

My Peaceful Paws Essential Oil Calming Blend

My Peaceful Paws are based in Texas, US with years of experience of working with dogs and other animals assisting them to recover from injury through therapy and massage.

The business produce and provide a range of essential oil products to help dogs to recover from their injuries that can be safely used by their owners.

Product Information

This is a 5ml (.169 oz) bottle of calming essential oil that is applied with a pipette to the neck or chest of the dog, or it can be applied to a bandana and placed on the dog.


An oil blend that helps your dog to feel calm and relaxed. The oil can be used to help with separation anxiety, fear of thunder, fireworks and other loud noises.

The oil is a blend of mandarin, sweet majoram, petitgrain, neroli and spikenard. The oils are all blended together in safflower oil.

The pipette applicator provides an accurate and safe way to apply the oil to your dog and is veterinary recommended for dogs over 10 weeks old.

What we like

Very effective and simple way to help dogs that are scared of loud noises and works well.

Has a great smell that is not too powerful.

What we don’t like

Some dogs may not benefit from the oil and additional methods of help for the dog may be needed.

Artizen Lavender Essential Oil

Artizan Oils are based in Denver, Colorado, and provide a wide range of high quality essential oils for a wide range of uses and purposes.

Their oils are sourced from high quality suppliers from around the world and they supply a wide range of customers from retail and online orders, to professionals working within the field.

Product Information

This is a 1oz (30ml) bottle of 100% pure Lavendet Therapeutic grade essential oil.

The product is guaranteed as 100% pure and a full money back guarantee is provided.


A potent lavender oil that is 100% pure and contains no other ingredients or additives.

Comes in  a 1oz bottle.

A wide range of aromas and oils are available.

What we like

Pure oil

Money back guarantee offered

What we don’t like

Poor aroma when used in a diffuser

No instructions for use with dogs so extra care is needed

ThunderEase Dog Calming Essential Oil

ThunderEase Dog Calming Oil is a product from the range of animal calming oils manufactured and produced by Thunderworks, a US business that supports animals and animal owner.

The company began after the founder had difficulties with one of his dogs that experienced severe anxiety whenever exposed to loud noises.

The business provide a range of solutions to help pets – essential oils being one of those product ranges.

Product Information

This is a 4 fl oz spray bottle containing natural essential oils that will help a dog to become naturally calmer.

The product can be used for all manner of issues, such as when travelling, fireworks, loud noises, anxiety separation and more.

The spray is veterinarian recommended.


The spray bottle contains a natural blend of lavender, chamomile and Egyptian geranium.

It can be used as an area or spray mist and is Ph balanced to prevent skin irritation or other adverse reactions in dogs.

What we like

A 100% natural blend of essential oils specifically blended for dogs

Veterinarian recommended

What we don’t like

Doesn’t work for all dogs

Canine Coddler Pet Anxiety Essential Oil

Canine Coddler are a Canadian business that provide a range pf products for dogs to help them with anxiety and other issues.

From weighted comfort blankets to essential oils and treats to assist dogs with anxiety the business develop and promote a wide range of dog calmness products.

Product Information

The Canine Coddler Anxiety Blend is a 100% pure blend of essential oils that can help a dog to relieve stress, improve calmness and reduce the effect of stressful situations.

The product comes in a 1 oz (30ml) bottle and is produced in the USA.


This 100% pure blend of essential oils can help a dog with anxiety related issues. The oil is a blend of frankincense, lavender, rose, vetiver, ylang ylang and chamomile.

The oils have been sourced to ensure that they are safe for dogs as human oils can have different qualities.

The oils is provided with a 100% money back guarantee.

What we like

100% natural oil blend

Sourced specifically for animals and dogs

Money back guarantee

What we don’t like

The odour might not be to everyone’s taste

Warren London Dog Calming Essential Oil

Warren London are a US based business specialising in the dog grooming marketplace.

The business offer a wide range of dog grooming products including spa and grooming products, skin and hair treatments and essential oils.

Product Information

The Warren London Essential Oil Dog Calming Spray is a 2.5 fl oz spray bottle that can help a dog during everyday stressful situations.

The spray is a natural formula containing 4 essential oils, it is non toxic and free from chemicals.

The spray is easy to apply to the dog’s chest, back or bedding.


The product is made in the USA and contains 4 essential oils to help a dog to calm down and deal with stress. 

The oils, lavender, sweet orange, vetiver and sage are all 100% natural and are specially selected for dogs.

What we like

Selected for dogs 

100% natural

Easy to use

What we don’t like

Doesn’t work for all dogs, but to be fair to the manufacturers, they are upfront with this and state that the spray may need to be used alongside other solutions.

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