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Can dogs eat cherries?

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Dogs are curious animals, and as such, they will often eat things that they shouldn’t.

Can dogs eat cherries? While the answer is technically yes, there are a few things to keep in mind before feeding your pup this fruit.

Dogs can eat cherries but they should only ever have the flesh. Pips, stems and leaves all contain cyanide which is poisonous and which can be deadly if consumed in quantity, they can also cause internal digestive tract blockages.

Is it a good idea to give dogs cherries?

You should always remember that dogs are carnivores and do best on meat based diets.

Although some fruit and vegetables can be eaten by dogs, they should not form a major part of a dog’s diet.

If you intend to give cherries to your dog then you should really ask yourself ‘why’ and ‘for what reason’.

Simply put it’s not a great idea to feed things like cherries to dogs.

Cherries are not a great choice for dogs. They can cause stomach upsets and diarrhea.

How many cherries can a dog eat?

Your dog will be able to tolerate one or two cherries.

More than this is likely to result in an upset tummy and possible diarrhea.

Which part of the cherry can a dog eat?

Dogs should only eat the fleshy part of the cherry.

Pips, stems and leaves should always be removed and should never be given to your dog – they contain poisonous substances which can make your dog unwell.

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Do dogs get sick from eating cherries?

Yes they can get sick. If your dog goes overboard with the cherry eating then he or she may experience an upset stomach and diarrhea.

Dogs can eat cherries but it’s not a great idea to feed them this fruit, if you really feel the need to give them some then one or two is enough.

Don’t give your dog more than this or you may find that they can become unwell.

Are cherries good for dogs?

Good question – not really, although some fruit and vegetables can be given to dogs as part of their diet they should never form the basis of it.

Dogs are carnivores and as such their natural diet should consist of meat.

If you want to feed fruit to your then make sure that they eat this in addition to their usual diet rather than instead of it.

At best feeding dogs cherries can result in an upset stomach and at worst it could be deadly.

Can dogs eat canned cherries?

Probably not a great idea.

Canned fruit such as cherries is often full of added sugar and other things such as preservatives and other additives, all of which can cause problems for dogs.

If you feed any form of fruit to your dog then always choose fresh, organic produce.

Anything that has been processed ( such as canned fruit ) is highly likely to contain additives that could be harmful to your dog.

Final Words

Cherries are not a great food choice for a dog.

While your dog is unlikely to become unwell after eating one or two cherries, you are best avoiding them as a treat or food for your dog.

It’s important to realise that pips, stems and leaves all contain cyanide which can be deadly and these should never be given to dogs to eat.

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