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Can dogs eat Oreos?

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We all know that dogs love to eat just about anything.

But when it comes to human food, there are some things that they shouldn’t eat.

So, can dogs eat Oreos? Let’s take a look.

Oreos contain chocolate and cocoa flavouring along with high amounts of sugar and are not really the sort of thing that you should be feeding to your dog. Some of the ingredients can be harmful so it is best to avoid feeding them to your dog.

can dogs eat oreos
Can dogs eat Oreos?

What are Oreos?

Oreos are biscuits ( cookies ) that are made with two chocolate wafers with a cream filling in between.

The main ingredients in Oreos are sugar, flour, cocoa, and oil.

While some of these ingredients aren’t harmful to dogs, others can be.

The biggest concern with feeding Oreos to dogs is the sugar content.

If a dog eats too many sugary foods, it can lead to health problems like obesity, liver disease, and diabetes.

Another concern is the cocoa in Oreos.

Cocoa contains caffeine, which is not good for dogs.

It can cause them to have an upset stomach, diarrhea, and even seizures.

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What if your dog steals an Oreo?

Dogs can be great at sneaking food and sometimes a crafty dog will help himself to a biscuit that is left lying around.

They’re also expert beggars and if you have children in the house then your dog will see them as a soft touch and will often ( successfully ) get the kids to feed them – and this can include Oreas if you have them in the house.

If your dog eats the odd Oreo or other chocolate type biscuit then he is unlikely to suffer any adverse consequences, however, if he manages to consume an entire packet or a significant quantity of Oreos then he may need veterinary help.

If your dog has eaten Oreos and is showing any signs of being unwell then you should take him to the vet for a check-up.

These signs can include vomiting, diarrhea, lack of energy, seizures, and difficulty walking.

can dogs eat oreos
Oreos are not great for dogs to eat

Can dogs eat Oreos?

As we’ve seen, there are some potential problems with feeding Oreos to dogs.

While they may not be fatal, they can lead to health issues like obesity, liver disease, and diabetes.

For this reason, it is best not to give your dog Oreos or any other chocolate-based biscuits.

If your dog does manage to steal an Oreo or two, then don’t worry too much.

But if he eats a lot of them, then you should take him to the vet for a check-up.

Final words

Oreos are not the best treat for your dog and if he does manage to eat them then you should keep an eye on him for any signs of illness.

It is always best to err on the side of caution and avoid giving your dog human foods like Oreos altogether.

Stick to dog treats and keep the Oreos for the kids.

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