how to get a spaniel to use a dog house

How to get a spaniel to use a dog house

Spaniels of all breeds are very intelligent animals. To train your dog to use a doghouse, you will need to train it when he is young and teach him what the doghouse is for. You want to keep your dog warm and dry.

Dog houses are an excellent way of doing this, especially if the weather requires it. However, you should make sure that the dog house is not too large because dogs like to be cozy in small spaces.

You may have heard that dogs are not naturally inclined to sleep in their own beds. This is because they’re descended from wolves, and wolves typically sleep on the ground. But if you want your pup to enjoy sleeping in his or her bed, there are some things you can do.

The first thing you need is patience! It’s going to take time for your spaniel to adjust its habits and learn how much he or she likes being inside of the home with all of the comforts it offers. Once your pup has adjusted, it will be easier for him or her to transition into using a dog house as well. Follow these tips below and soon enough, your pup will be snoozing comfortably in his or her new bed every night!

how to get a spaniel to use a dog house

Your dog will only use his dog house if it is accommodating and comfortable and you’ll probably know that they need to be kept warm and dry. But what do you do when it’s cold outside or raining?

That’s where the best dog houses come in. They provide your pet with protection from the elements while still giving them plenty of space to move around. And they’re not just for dogs – cats can use them too!  

Choosing a dog house may sound like an easy task, but it can be difficult to choose the right one. There are many different types of houses out there and they all have their own pros and cons. It can be hard to know which is best for your needs.

We’re here to help! We want you to make the best choice possible when buying a dog house so we created this guide on how to pick the perfect one for your pup.  

You’ll find everything from how to choose a dog house that’s best for your climate and size of pet, to what type of insulation is best for your budget and needs. 

Outdoor Dog Houses

BEDS Pet Wooden Pet Kennel

The BEDS pet wooden kennel is made of top grade fir wood, which is a very sturdy tree.

The paint on the kennel has been blessed with weather-proof and water-repellent paints, which will make sure of your dog’s safety.

There’s also a tricolour grille that allows fresh air to flow inside while keeping bugs outside. A spacious fence design fits many dogs (even small or medium sized ones).

It won’t be difficult for you to find the perfect location for this fashionable house-shaped dog house.

BEDS Pet Wooden Pet Kennel Waterproof Ventilate Dog House Comfortable Pet Shelter Pullable Bottom Plate With Fence Area For Outdoor Use, Single Window/Double Window Run-anmy
  • · Sturdy wood material for indoor and outdoor use: our pet dog house is made of wood and treated with natural stains to provide a lasting experience. Weatherable waterborne coatings are ideal for outdoor use. The rugged house allows your pet to hide inside when it rains outside.
  • · Breathable and not stuffy: visible window design that allows your pet to easily see the outside world; breathable grille, ventilated and breathable, keeping the pet's small world fresh
  • · Spacious fence design: the spacious fence design ensures that the dog has enough space for your dog to play, relax, sunbathe, sleep and enjoy the outdoors. There is plenty of room in the kennel to bring a lot of fun to your puppy.
  • ·Elevated floor style: luxurious structure design, spacious activity area, stylish house shape, providing comfortable and high quality pet dog house for your pet. The raised bottom is to prevent water or dust from soiling them. And you don't have to worry about your pet getting wet.
  • · Easy to install: high quality screw fittings that allow you to assemble items quickly

Macro Outdoor solid wood dog house

The Macro Outdoor Solid Wood Dog House is made of solid pine and sits in a footprint of roughly 27″ x 36″.

The roof is asphalt, which is waterproof; as it has an opening for air.

The front-door pops up to allow the dogs access to their house.

Building with the environment in mind, this dog house is made of carbonized pine wood and covered with asphalt material on the roof. 

It has a rainproof cover for protection from wet weather and reinforced fence to keep dogs in, while looking inviting enough that they might not want to leave! Hand-made by craftsmen who care, this is an outdoor structure you can be proud of.

Finish: Handmade

Macro Outdoor solid wood dog house Outdoor kennel rainproof large dog dog cage house type wooden kennel keep warm in winter
  • Chicken coops: There are many sheltered walls in the chicken house, and there are a lot of ventilation windows for your animals to enjoy the outdoor activities while being protected from predators.
  • High quality material: Made of carbonized pine wood, it has good anti-corrosion properties and can be used outdoors well; the asphalt material on the roof can play a good role in sun protection.
  • Rainproof: The inner side of the roof ridge is equipped with rainproof belts, which can play a good role of rainproof; reinforced fence tail beam, thick and thick, beautiful and atmospheric; solid wood fence, easy to assemble.
  • Applicable objects: Cats, dogs, all kinds of small and medium-sized pets; applicable scenes are courtyards, gardens, farms and other large outdoor spaces.
  • If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours

Dog House Pet Dog House Raised Vent And Balcony

Dogs deserve a new home just like people do. One that is simple and beautiful with plenty of natural light but has enough space to curl up or stretch out.

This easy-to-assemble dog house gives dogs the best in elementary living:

A roof over their head, a view from their back porch and room to breathe without being cramped all day long. 

The pet house for your furry friend comes made from high quality fir wood finished with water-based paint so it remains bright and fresh.

 With slanted roof design and side window, your pet will have a great view from inside. The dog house comes with an easy-to-reach porch and fence that protect the front door! 

This is a heavy duty structure thanks to its construction. Simple assembly.

Dog House Pet Dog House Raised Vent And Balcony For Outdoor & Indoor Use, Pet House Shelter For Puppies And Dogs, Wood Dog House Dog Kennel for Small to Large Sized Dogs (Color : Natural, Size : L)
  • OUTDOOR DOG HOUSE: Attractive dog house for pets , perfect for your backyard, patio and deck
  • Simple & Beautiful : The dog house is a perfect pet house for your dogs,The overall house design integrates with your garden or grass seamlessly,Your beloved dog can play or rest on it freely,It is your pet warm home, but also for the unique decoration of your garden.
  • Easy to Assemble: The pet house is easy to assemble and the all required accessories and tools are included,You can quickly assemble the item and use it in a clear and easy-to-understand manual.
  • Durable & Safety Structure: The dog house is made of high quality fir wood,The heavy duty construction make it durable enough for your dog. It can serve your dog for a long time,In addition, The outer surface is brushed with a popular water-based paint that is environmentally friendly and harmless to pets.
  • Design: Slanted roof design ensures ideal drainage against rain; durable for indoor and outdoor ,use not noly for dogs,Also ideal house for 2-3 ducks, 3-5 cats and so on.

CUCCE ITALIANE Insulated kennel

The CUCCE ITALIANE is a superb insulated dog kennel! It’s made of polyurethane foam insulation making it suitable for all seasons and weather conditions.

This product is easily washable both externally and internally and its aluminium on the outside ensures durability and protection against any weather condition. 

This pup home stands out not only because it raises your pet off the ground to allow them to get some air, but also because you can keep your animal safe at night in an insulating penthouse apartment from -20 & deg;°F down to 40 & deg;°F as well.

CUCCE ITALIANE Insulated kennel 140X80H72 VENEZIA WOOD for Outdoor Garden Dogs. Sunroof
  • 【INSUBSTED】 - 40 mm polyurethane foam
  • 【OUTDOOR】- For all seasons and all weather conditions!
  • 【EASILY WASHABLE】- Sunroof and water drain for easy interior washing
  • 【ANTI-MORSE】- No part is chewable!
  • 【NO FING】 - Aluminium ensures durability and resistance to any weather conditions

Vivilan Outdoor Dog Kennel

This is a beautiful, high-quality dog kennel perfect for dogs living outdoors. It has an openable roof and is covered with felt to keep water from leaking in when the cover is closed.

The Vivilan Outdoor Dog Kennel has walls made of FSC impregnated wood that are durable and weather resistant which means your pup can stay inside even in the rain! You won’t have to worry about mold or rot either because this is one case where it certainly doesn’t peek through.

Easy cleaning means less work for you as well.

Outdoor Dog Kenn, Dog Houses with Sunroof, FSC Impregnated Wood Dog Kenn, Waterproof, Easy to Maintain (104.5 x 153.5 x 94 cm)
  • It is covered with felt paper to resist water. It will be a great place for your dog to relax and shelter from some adverse weather conditions.
  • This garden dog cage will add a touch of natural style to your outdoor living space with its rustic design.
  • The house is made from high-quality FSC certified impregnated pine wood, which makes it durable, weather and rot resistant.
  • Thanks to the unique roof design, it can be opened for easy cleaning and additional ventilation to reduce bad smell.
  • This dog house is easy to assemble.

Setting up your spaniel's dog house

Once you have chosen the best dog house for your spaniel, there are several ways to get your dog used to their new kennel.

These tips will help your dogs get comfortable in their new home from the moment they arrive.

Where should you locate the dog house?

The first thing you should consider is how much time your pup spends outside. If they spend most of their day outdoors, then it makes sense that they would want a place to call home with them when they are out and about.

But if your dog stays indoors all day long, then there may be no reason for them to have their own space—they can just hang out in yours!

If you decide that your pup needs a space of their own while outside, make sure it is close enough so that they don’t get too cold or hot during the winter or summer months.

And remember—the bigger the house, the better! A small house will not provide adequate protection from either extreme weather condition. 

  1. You should consider the size of your dog when deciding where to put a dog house 
  2. The most important thing is that it’s not too close to your house or garden so they don’t get in the way, but also not too far away so they can come back and forth easily 
  3. Place it in a location that is sheltered from the wind, rain, and snow
  4. It’s best if you have a fenced yard- this will keep them safe from other animals and people who might try to hurt them  
  5. Make sure there is an opening on one side of the dog house, so that your pup can enter and exit easily and that the dog house is accessible for him.
  6. Make the dog house comfortable and inviting  
  7. If you have more than one dog, make sure each has their own space
  8. Make sure you have enough room for the dog to stand up and turn around inside of it 
  9. Place some bedding or straw inside of it so that your pup feels comfortable, safe and cozy when he goes inside
how to get a spaniel to use a dog house

What bedding should you use in a dog house?

Dogs are naturally den animals and they like to feel secure when they sleep or rest. The best bedding for a dog house is straw, hay, shredded paper or blankets because these materials offer insulation from the cold ground and provide some comfort against hard surfaces. The type of bedding is up to you and your dog’s preferences.

If you want your pup to be happy in their new home, make sure the bedding is soft enough that it doesn’t irritate their skin. And don’t forget to replace the bedding every few days! Your dog will thank you for it later on down the line with lots of love and kisses (and maybe even an occasional treat).  

It’s important that your dog has something soft and warm inside their home. 

If you want to make sure that your pup has a comfortable place to sleep, then 

  1. You should use a dog bed that is soft and comfortable 
  2. The bedding can be made of anything, such as fleece or cotton 
  3. It’s important to keep your pet warm during the winter months 
  4. A good option for insulation is straw or hay, which are both cheap and easy to find
  5. You should have a bedding that is comfortable and cozy for your dog 
  6. There are many types of beddings: hay, straw, wood shavings, cotton wool balls 
  7. The best type of bedding to use in a dog house is hay or straw because they give off natural warmth

How do you make a dog house inviting?

You want to make your dog house inviting and comfortable, right?

Your pup deserves the best! Here are some tips on what you can do to create a cozy space for your furry friend which will help them to feel safe and secure with their own little piece of home!

  1. Make sure the dog house is clean and smells good 
  2. Add a comfortable pet bed for your pup to sleep in 
  3. Put food bowls inside the dog house so they don’t have to go outside to eat 
  4. Place water dishes inside, too!
  5. Put a mat outside the dog house 
  6. Fill it with toys and treats 
  7. Put a blanket or towel on top of the bed to make it more comfortable

For first class, penthouse style dog house living, you can even add heating to your dog’s home. By adding a chew proof metal heat pad to your dog’s kennel he can benefit from his own doggy ‘underfloor heating’.  

The Petnap Flexiguard 55 is a great product providing low wattage heat to keep your dog warm in the worst of weather.  You can see the Petnap Flexiguard here on Amazon


Dog houses are an important part of your pet’s life. They provide shelter from the elements and protection from predators, but they also offer comfort for your pet.

Dogs will instinctively seek out a place to call their own, so it is up to you as the owner to make sure that there is one available at all times and that it provides your dog with shelter and safety.

With a few extra additions to make the house comfortable and inviting, your dog will grow to love his dog house and treat it as his own personal space.

Pet Heating Pad, Dog Electric Heat Pad with Timer, 75x45CM Waterproof Heating Pad for Dogs, Indoor Safety Temperature Adjustable Heated Cats Mat Bed for Pets with 210CM Chew Resistant Steel Cord
  • 【Temperature Adjustable Heating Pad】: Our heating pad has a temperature regulator with 6 levels. It can adjust the temperature range 86-131℉/30-55℃. (Wider temperature options than most products) You can choose the most suitable temperature for your lovely.
  • 【Pet Heating Pad with Timer】: PETNF timer heating pad - Auto shut down when you wanted. timing system has 5 levels: Always(Default Setting, don't need to press any button) and 4/8/12/24 H(Need press the Timer button). The pad will stop heating when the timer out. and the indicator light moves down automatically when every 4H passed to tell you how much time left.
  • 【Flame retardant and Waterproof PVC Envelope Enclosure】: Our product’s inner is a soft PVC envelope with waterproof and Flame retardant. This product has the highest-grade V-0 flame retardant capability. The outer soft fleece cover is machine washable. However, if your inner pad becomes dirty you can clean the pad with a damp cloth instead of immersing the pad into water. Because it has wires on it.
  • 【 83'' Chew Resistant Cord for Safety 】:In order to prevent pets from getting electrocuted by biting the wires, we specially fitted our wires with the 83'' Chew Resistant Cord. But you had better take your pet away from the wires when they bite the wires.
  • 【Temperature Control & Safety】:In order to prevent the heating pad from overheating, we add a temperature control wire. If the temperature exceeds your set temperature, the thermostat stops heating and lowers the temperature. What’s more, if the temperature overheating by accident the temperature control wire will interrupt the circuit which can provide a safety pad for your pets.

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