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Does putting a blanket over a dog crate help?

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If you’re a dog owner, you may have heard that covering your dog’s crate can help them feel more secure and relaxed.

But is this really true? Does covering a dog crate actually provide any benefits?

Covering your dog’s crate can be beneficial for both you and your pup. It provides security for them, gives them a sense of belonging, and can also be used to reduce noise levels in the home.

The benefits of covering crates

Covering your dog’s crate helps them feel secure and safe in their space.

They may use the blanket or sheet as a way to create their own den-like atmosphere, and this can make them feel more at home when spending time in the crate.

This is especially helpful for puppies who need to feel extra secure or for dogs with separation anxiety.

It can also be useful if you have a loud household—covering the crate will muffle some of the sound coming from outside, making it easier for your pup to relax and get some rest.

This is especially true if they are around loud children or other animals that they may not always get along with.

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The science behind covering a dog crate 

The idea behind covering your pup’s crate is based on the concept of denning—a behaviour in which many animals use to feel safe and secure.

Denning behaviour is instinctive; animals will create dens or “safe spaces” by using blankets, pillows, and other materials to form an enclosed space around themselves.

This provides them with a sense of security as well as some insulation from the elements. 

When it comes to dogs, this same concept applies to their crates.

Many dogs will naturally seek out dark, quiet places in order to de-stress or just relax for a bit.

When you cover the dog crate with a blanket or sheet, this helps provide them with the feeling of denning and makes them feel safer and more comfortable in their crate.

Plus, if they are sensitive to light or noise, having the added layer of coverage can help block out these distractions and make them feel even more at ease in their crate. 

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Things to keep in mind

When deciding whether or not to cover your pup’s crate, there are some things you should keep in mind.

First and foremost, make sure that whatever material you choose is breathable so that air circulation remains strong inside their space; if it becomes too warm or stuffy inside the crate, then your pup could become uncomfortable or even sick due to lack of air flow.

Additionally, make sure that whatever material you choose isn’t something that your pup could pull through into the cage and chew up.

Mess aside, the pieces of a chewed up blanket could be ingested by your dog and could cause problems for him.

Covering your dog crate 

So, should you cover your dog’s crate?

It ultimately depends on your individual pet and their needs—some dogs may prefer having their crates uncovered while others may benefit from having an extra layer of coverage over top of it.

If you think that your pup could benefit from having their crate covered, try setting up their crate with a few layers of blankets or sheets to create a den like place where they can hide away.

You can also experiment with different materials until you find what works best for your pup.

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Final Words

All in all, covering your dog’s crate can be an incredibly beneficial practice—it gives them additional comfort while they are spending time in their space and makes it easier for them (and everyone else) to relax and get some rest when needed.

Just remember to use breathable materials and avoid anything that could potentially pose a safety hazard.

With those precautions in mind, adding a blanket over your dog’s crate should be just what they need.

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