camping with a spaniel

Camping with a spaniel – what to take and how to prepare

If you are thinking about going camping with your spaniel then that is great, spaniels love the outdoors and camping with your dog will, for him, be one of the best outdoor adventures ever!

There are a few things that you’ll need to think about before you set off for the great outdoors on your spaniel camping expedition, so let’s take a look at what to take and how to prepare.


As well as the tent you will need food and bedding for your dog, leads, whistle, towels and dog food. By being prepared and making sure that you plan your camping trip with your dog, you will have more enjoyment and will look forward to the next adventure.

Spaniels are great companions and make great family members, they also love being outside.

So, if you are going camping then don’t leave your spaniel at home or in the kennels – take him along with you.

Your priority when you take your dog camping, whether it is in a tent, camper or caravan, is his safety, and the first thing that you will need to do will be to find a campsite that is dog friendly.

Thankfully, in most countries, attitudes towards dog owners are rapidly changing and many tourist areas and providers are quickly learning that dog owners have money to spend.

This means that there are an increasing number of places where you can take your spaniel camping with you.

Are there any restrictions for dog owners?

You should always check that the campsite or park/area that you intend to visit to camp allows dogs and, if in any doubt then the best option is to phone or email them to get confirmation.

While enquiring you should also establish the rules that will apply to your spaniel. For example you may be expected to keep your spaniel on his leash. 

Depending on the camping area there may be some parts of the campsite that are ‘out of bounds’ for dogs, typically these could be childrens’ playgrounds, picnic areas or beaches.

In my experience I’ve found that there are some campsites that love dogs and prefer them to children, and that there are those that tolerate dogs and charge extra for them to be there.

As with most things, remember that you are the customer and are free to choose.

Always check the campsite and establish the ground rules. If it doesn’t work for you, your family and your spaniel, then there will always be someone else that will be willing to accommodate you.

Camping in a tent with a spaniel

For the most realistic camping experience you have to go in a tent. Caravans and campers just aren’t the same – although they are fun as well.

If you are in a tent with your dog then it is a good idea to think about the type of tent that you will use – from the perspective of ‘will your spaniel escape?’

Spaniels, as I am very aware, are great escape artists, and the last thing that you want, in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, is for your spaniel to do the ‘great escape’ and disappear, and, for this reason your choice of tent is important.

Your tent should have a sown in ground sheet, so that there are no gaps between the tent body and the floor. If you do decide to use a tent that has a separate ground sheet, then don’t be surprised if your spaniel finds a way out through the gap. 

Dogs have a great ability to find escape routes and once he has found his way out of the tent he will be forever trying to escape to go ‘off for a walk’.

There are literally hundreds of tents around that are suitable for use with your spaniel. They vary in shape, size and, of course, price. It all really depends on how much room you need and how many people ( and dogs ) will be using the tent.

Amazon have a great range of tents with built in ground sheets to suit all budgets and family sizes.

We’ve found some great tents on Amazon that are suitable for families with spaniels.

You can see them here.

Insect Repellent is important too

If you’ve camped before then you’ll know that insects can sometimes be a problem.

You’ll probably use some type of insect repellent to keep the bugs away from you and your family and it’s just as important for your spaniel too.

Before you go you should make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are all up to date and that any bedding that you plan to take for him is clean and fresh.

As you and your dog will be spending a lot of time outside, you should check him over daily, just to make sure that he hasn’t picked up any ticks or other bugs/injuries.

To help to keep your tent fresh you could try this family and animal friendly insect spray which being plant based is safe to use.

Things to pack when camping with a spaniel

Just as you pack for yourself and your children, you’ll also need to pack for your spaniel to ensure that he has an enjoyable and trouble free camping trip.

You should include everything that your dog needs for the trip to the campsite and, while you are travelling you should make sure that you have regular stops for him to drink, exercise briefly and use the toilet.

You will also need to take:

  • Dog food – make sure that you have enough of a supply of your spaniel’s normal food. You may not be able to get dog food at your destination, so you do not want to run out of his food.
  • Water bowls and bottles – as well as your dog’s normal drinking bowl you should consider taking a portable dog bowl along with you for when you are out walking so that he has access to water.
  • Bedding and toys – take some of your dog’s usual bedding along with you and some of his toys for him to play with. These will help him to settle down at the campsite and will also provide him with something to keep him occupied.
  • Leads/harnesses – as well as you normal leadI always find it a good idea to take a extra lead or two along. Camping tends to be the type of environment where I lose things such as dog leads – so an extra leash, kept in the car is always good to have.
  • First aid kit for your dog – there is always the possibility that your spaniel could injure himself while you are camping and it is worthwhile either putting together a basic first aid kit for your dog or buying a kit that is purpose made for pets.  The RC Pet Products First Aid Kit ( available on Amazon) is ideal – you can read about it here.
  • Vaccination records – If you need to visit a vet while you are camping then he/she may need information about your dog’s vaccinations. If you have your dog’s records with you then this can reduce the time that might be incurred calling your vet for copies etc.
  • You might also want to take a coat for your spaniel

Always supervise your spaniel

It goes without saying that you should be responsible with your spaniel and keep him under control at all times.

Campsites can be exciting places for dogs, children playing, people having fun and the great attraction of barbecues and other nice smells.

There may be other dogs around too – be watchful and careful around them – they may not be as well behaved or as sociable as your spaniel.

Do outdoor fun and dog activities

While you are camping make the most of the great outdoors with your spaniel.

As an energetic breed the chances are that you’ll falter before he does, and it is a great opportunity for you both to improve your fitness, walk, run and do other activities that dogs love.

If you are near to the beach then this is often a great destination for spaniels, they love the sand, the sea, running free and swimming – why not join in? Swimming with a spaniel is great fun – they love it too.

Always remember to make sure that you have plenty of water with you for your dog and, if he’s going to get wet, some old towels to dry him off afterwards to prevent him from getting cold.

Spaniel camping supplies

You always pack for yourself before going camping and it’s just as important to pack for your spaniel’s camping trip.

Here are a few companies that provide tough stuff for spaniels who like to camp.

Overland Dog Gear

spaniel camping

Check out Overland Dog Gear on Amazon. Overland produce a wide range of dog packs, carriers and ruck sacks that will help you to keep your spaniel’s gear organised, safe and secure.

This bag is the Overland Week Away Pack which has a variety of compartments for the storage of food and water bottles and even waste. It comes with food carriers, collapsible water bowls, has ID tags and can even be used on airlines.

Read more about the Overland Week Away Pack.


The Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack is a ‘dognomically’ correct gear hauler, designed to fit your spaniel so that he can carry some of his gear, safely and without injuring him.

The designs were developed in conjunction with the support of a vet to ensure that they maintain comfort for long days out walking.

The packs come in a variety of sizes and colors and you can read more about the packs and the options and get the latest prices here on Amazon.

Dog Helios

The Dog Helios ‘Trail Barker’ is a travel dog sleeping bag, great for camping and outdoor use. Waterproof and easy to keep clean , the inner lining has a quilted film that is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

The bag can be unzipped and spread out to make a large blanket and, you can even zip these beds together to make larger dog sleeping bags.

The bags are available in a variety of colors.

You can see the Dog Helios ‘Trail Barker’ and get the latest prices here on Amazon.


 Kurgo produce a wide range of products for dogs to help owners to enjoy the outdoors with their dogs with great equipment.

One of their best selling products is the Kurgo Collapsible Travel Bowl. The bowl is made from silicone which folds down into a convenient, portable size, making it ideal for camping, travel, hiking and more outdoor use.

You can see the bowl here on Amazon and discover more of the great Kurgo range here.


We hope that you enjoy your camping trips with your spaniel. As energetic, outdoor dogs, they love the lifestyle that camping provides and your dog will love sleeping in a tent with you, for him it will be a great adventure.

Your spaniel will also love the barbecued burgers and hotdogs..