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Best portable wireless dog fence for camping

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When you go camping with a dog one of the biggest problems that you can face is allowing your dog to have freedom without him disappearing.

You can tie your dog down and put him on a long lead or, you could go for a more high tech solution which provides your dog with the freedom that he needs but keeps him under control by using a wireless dog fence.

But what is a wireless dog fence, what do they do and which one is the best wireless dog fence for camping?

Our Top Pick: PetSafe Wireless Containment System

The PetSafe Wireless Containment System allows you to create a secure 1/2 acre circular boundary around your yard without the hassle of burying wire or installing a physical fence.

To set up, simply place the Wireless Containment System transmitter in a weather¬proof location, plug into an outlet and adjust the dial to cover the perfect size area for your dog.

Coverage can be personalized from 5 to 90 feet in all directions from the base unit or up to 180 feet across.

This portable system sets up in 1 to 2 hours so you can easily take it with you when you go camping or go on vacation.

This Wireless fence comes with the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System Receiver Collar.

The battery operated collar features a tone only mode for training plus, plus 5 adjustable levels of correction depending on your dog’s temperament.

The collar adjusts to fit neck sizes between 6 to 8 inches and is recommended for pets who weigh 8 pounds and up.

With the purchase of additional PetSafe Wireless fence collars, the Wireless Containment System will contain an unlimited number of pets with a single system.

Top 5 Wireless Dog Fences

What is a wireless dog fence and how does it work?

Wireless dog fences are also known as invisible fences and in many cases that is true as there is little evidence that any form of fence exists.

You may be more familiar with wired fences which operate in a very similar manner to the electric fences that are used by livestock farmers to prevent cattle and sheep from escaping or getting into areas that they shouldn’t.

These wired fences use a low current to present a quick shock to an animal keeping them inside the area that is fenced off.

In the case of a wireless dog fence your dog wears a small receiver on his collar. There is no physical fence but when your dog gets beyond the boundary that is set his collar will respond.

Normally this is in the form of a buzz, a beep and vibration or a gentle shock.

With many collars you are able to select the mode or you can make the choice when you purchase the fence as to which collar does what.

What’s the difference between a wireless dog fence and a hybrid or semi-wireless dog fence?

There are different types of dog fences and they work in a variety of ways:

  • A wireless dog fence uses no wires or physical connections at all.
  • A hybrid dog fence uses a combination of wires and receivers.
  • The 100% wireless dog fence has a transmitter that controls the boundaries for your dog in a circular fashion so your dog’s territory is a large circle.
  • The hybrid system is more controllable in that you can alter the shape of your dog’s territory which may be more be suitable depending on the area that you are in.

Which is better wired or wireless dog fence?

This all depends on the size of the area that you wish to contain your dog to.

For an area a size of 3/4 of an acre or less a wireless dog fence will work well, if your area is larger than this then you should choose a wired fence as wireless will not cover that size.

Both systems work well, the wireless system is easier to install than a wired system, it is also portable and you can remove it to cover different areas and locations.

Can a dog run through an invisible fence?

An invisible fence produces a jolt or other alert or sensation that is aimed at stopping and detering your dog from going past his boundaries.

It is possible for a dog, that is running fast, to pass through the fence and not stop. He will likely recieve a jolt that he won’t like and will not forget so, the time that he does run through will probably deter him from doing so in the future.

You should always remember that an invisible fence provides no physical barrier to your dog and that in addition to using the fence you should work on a training schedule to keep your dog within his boundaries.

At what age can a dog use an invisible fence?

From around 12 weeks onwards, after your puppy has had all of his vaccinations and is able to explore the outdoors safely.

This will vary according to the size of your dog and you should make sure that the collar and sensor unit fit comfortably for him and that he is able to walk, run and play safely while wearing them.

You should check with the product manufacturer before using the fence with a young dog as different products will have different recommendations and standards.

Are wireless dog fences safe?

When they are used properly and correctly installed wireless dog fences are completely safe for your dog.

With time and training a wireless fence will actually provide better safety and options for your dog. He will be able to roam freely yet will be restrained by a system that does not use tethers or any form of physical restrictions.

Your dog will enjoy better health and will be able to be a dog that enjoys life and freedoms. 

If you use the fence as part of his training then you will also find that he will be more responsive when you are out walking with him being less likely to wander off.

Frequently asked questions

Can I install an invisible fence myself?

The wireless invisible fences are simple to install and require no special skills. The wired fences need their wires burying into the ground and some connections, but these are easy to undertake and perform and well within the abilities of the average DIY er.

Do invisible fences work for big dogs?

Invisible fences are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Many have a range of adjustable collars and sensor settings making them suitable for large and small dogs alike.

Do wireless fences work in the snow?

Yes, wireless fences work in all weather conditions including snow.

Do invisible fences hurt dogs?

No, the shock that a dog gets from an invisible fence is generated from a battery and resembles a sharp, short tickle that does not hurt or harm dogs.

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Final Words

Wireless dog fences can be used in a wide range of areas and the best thing is that they are portable.

We’ve found that the best portable wireless dog fence for camping is the PetSafe Wireless Containment System and you can read reviews about this invisible fence over on Amazon via this link.

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