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How to tire out a puppy before vaccinations

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If you are a new puppy owner then you’ll know that you cannot take them out in public before they are fully vaccinated as they could become unwell.

You’ll also know that puppies are lively youngsters who seem to possess endless amounts of energy.

So, how do you tire out a puppy before he is fully vaccinated and allowed to go out?

Puppies like to play and you should provide your pup with toys and other interesting, safe items that they can carry around and investigate. Keep your puppy busy and spend time playing with him, allow him to explore the house. If you have a safe and enclosed outdoor area then begin his house training and allow him to sniff around, supervised.

How do you tire out an unvaccinated puppy?

Puppies are like children, they love to explore, play, eat and sleep.

It’s important that you provide your puppy with as much opportunity as possible to play and explore his surroundings and to engage and get to know his family.

You should play with your puppy and get him some safe puppy toys that he can carry around. Old newspapers are great fun for young puppies, who will tear them up and enjoy making a great big mess.

Cardboard boxes, blankets and old shoes and socks make great toys and things for a puppy to explore.

Do your best to keep things interesting for your puppy so that you stimulate his brain as well as his muscles.

Popular puppy toys

Things that you can do to tire out your puppy indoors

Although your puppy will be far too young for training there are some things that you can do that will help to introduce some ‘good habits’ which will support his training when he is older.

When you feed him always tell him to ‘sit or hup’ before you give him his food.

This small mental stimulation will use up some energy – you can read more about getting a puppy to sit in my post here.

Most puppies like to chase things and this can be a great form of indoor exercise.

Use a soft tennis ball and roll it in front of him so that he can pounce on it and chase it around. Let him carry it and play with it.

Call your puppy’s name when he is playing and encourage him to come to you.

When he does tickle him and play with him and tell him that he is a ‘good boy’.

how to tire out a puppy before vaccinations

Where can I take an unvaccinated puppy to tire them out?

An unvaccinated puppy should not be taken out in public, so you’ll need to spend time playing with him indoors.

Some people say that you can take your puppy to public places, puppy classes and other outdoor areas but they are wrong with their ‘advice’.

Your puppy is at risk of picking up a wide range of viruses while he is unvaccinated, some of which can be very serious and potentially fatal.

You should keep your puppy at home until he is vaccinated and until your vet tells you that it is safe for him to venture outdoors in public.

Always take the advice of a qualified vet as many sources of online information are inaccurate and could lead to health problems for your young dog.

Final Words

Keep your puppy busy, get him some toys to play with and let him explore the house.

Play with your puppy and introduce some ‘good habits’ that will help him with his adult training.

Ignore the online ‘advice’ that says parks and other places are suitable, and don’t be tempted to take him to any public areas until he is fully vaccinated and only when your vet has said that it is safe to do so.

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