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Can dogs eat Wensleydale cheese?

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You’ve probably seen the world famous TV dog Grommit, of Wallace and Grommit fame, who just loves to eat Wensleydale Cheese.

Grommit always seems to locate Wallace’s secret stash even though Wallace constantly tells him that ‘there is no cheese in the house’.

But, in real life is Wensleydale okay for dogs and can dogs eat it?

Dogs can eat Wensleydale cheese, but it is best to limit their consumption of the food to avoid any problems. The high fat content in certain types of cheese can lead to vomiting or diarrhea, so take care when giving your dog a new food. Consult with your veterinarian about how much and how often you should feed your dog cheese.

Is Wensleydale okay for dogs to eat?

Well, it’s not always safe for dogs to eat cheese (more detail on this below) but Wensleydale cheese is one of the cheeses that should be okay.

It doesn’t contain anything that could harm your dog and eating small amounts every now and then definitely won’t hurt him/her either.

Of course if you’re still not sure, you can always contact your vet and ask if eating Wensleydale cheese is okay for dogs.

Like most things it’s probably not okay for him to eat lots of cheese and, unlike Grommit, too much could make him sick or cause diarrhea.

How much cheese is safe for dogs to eat?

Cheese is not a normal dog food and is often high in fat so too much cheese will make your dog gain weight.

The amount of cheese that your dog can safely consume will depend on your dog, his size, breed and age.

Rather than feed cheese as part of his diet, it is far better to use cheese as a reward when training and to keep this food as a special treat during your dog training sessions.

Too much cheese could cause upset tummies, diarrhea, wind or even hiccups.

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Is Wensleydale cheese good for dogs?

Cheese is fine in tiny quantities for dogs.

Cheese does contain protein, calcium, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and B-complex vitamins, but they are all things your dog would get from his or her normal balanced diet anyhow, so there’s no need to add cheese to the mix.

Cheese can be given as a treat in very little amounts, but it’s not the best choice for dogs.

Cheese can irritate dogs’ stomachs in certain cases, and some dogs are even lactose intolerant, so if this is the case for your dog, go without.

You should not give cheese to overweight dogs or those with kidney issues since cheese has a lot of fat, calories, and salt.

Instead, give your dog something unique by offering him healthy dog treats.

In small amounts, Wensleydale cheese is okay for your dog. But if you have any concerns about your dog eating cheese, please contact your vet.

You should always check the ingredients on any product to ensure that there are no harmful substances in it before giving it to your dogs.

can dogs eat wensleydale cheese

Final Words

Traditional Wensleydale cheese is okay for your dog to eat in small amounts providing your dog has no health conditions.

Only give him the genuine, original cheese and don’t feed him any of the different varieties that may contain fruits or other added ingredients.

Of course, you should really keep the Wensleydale for yourself as it is great cheese for humans.

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