What are the safest dog crates for car travel?

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Owning a dog means that at some point you will probably need to travel with him in your car.

There are a range of options to keep your dog safe while travelling but what are the safest dog crates for car travel?

In our opinion the MIM Variocage range of dog crates is among the safest of all the dog crates that you can find. These cages have been crash tested under scientific conditions and have consistently been found to be the safest dog crates for car travel.

what are the safest dog crates for car travel

What are car dog safety crates?

A car dog safety crate is, as it sounds, as crate for your dog to use when he is travelling in your car.

Dog safety when travelling is as important as the safety of the human car occupants and using a dog car crate can provide your dog with several advantages.

Good dog crates will provide enough room for your dog to be comfortable while restricting the amount that he can move around, which can help to prevent travel sickness.

Crates come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and quality and materials.

You have various options from soft sided crates, mesh crates and more substantial dog crates, some of which have been crash tested.

Examples of crash tested car dog crates can be found here.

Top 4 Crash Tested Dog Safety Options

Should I put my dog in a crate in the car?

If you have a car that can accommodate a dog crate then using one for your dog when travelling is certainly a good idea.

Most drivers will be familiar with the need to wear a safety belt when travelling and anyone who has had to brake sharply will recognise that moment when everything that is loose in the car flies forwards.

This can be groceries, books, CDs, wallets, phones and..your dog.

An unrestrained or secured dog could become injured in the event of a sudden stop or collision, he could injure other occupants or, worse still, he could be thrown from the vehicle with potentially tragic consequences.

When travelling with your dog it is a sensible and responsible decision to make sure that he is safely secured.

what are the safest dog car crates

Are dog car crates crash tested?

This really depends on the manufacturer. There is no consistency in terms of crash testing of dog car crates and there is no real legal obligation for manufacturers to test their crates.

Very few companies perform any sort of testing, although there are some who claim that their dog crates have been tested.

Dog crates that have been crash tested are the:

MIM Variocage Crash Test

Do dogs have to be in a crate in the car?

It depends on where you live and the local laws in your area.

In the USA the laws vary from state to state. You can check your area at this website.

In the UK there is no legal requirement to keep your dog restrained while he is in the car, however the Highway Code does recommend it.  

It is a sensible decision to make sure that your dog is secured, even if the law does not require this, it will keep both your dog and you safe.

How to secure a dog crate in the car

Your dog’s crate will need to be secured while it is in the vehicle and the way to do this will vary according to the type of cage and car that you have.

Most crates are used in estate cars or station wagons and make use of the luggage space at the rear.

Typically these types of dog crates have hooks or connection points at the sides and corners and are normally supplied with connectors that fasten to the hooks at the rear of your vehicle.

A similar setup exists for hatchback vehicles.

If your crate is of the type for use with a saloon car then the normal way of securing it is via the seat belts that will wrap around the cage, normallt passing through special mounts on the crate to keep it secure.

The crate used in this video is a VarioCage – you can see that the dogs would have survived this without injury. VarioCage products can be found either at PetPro or on Amazon.

VarioCage at PetPro here

VarioCage on Amazon here

Are dog car crates dangerous?

Not all dog car crates are equal and there are not many that have been subjected to or passed any form of testing.

It can be suggested that some cages for cars are not suitable for car use as they will provide little or no protection to your dog in the event of an accident.

To get some indication of the tests that approved crash test dog cages go through you can see some examples in the video below which will give you an idea of good and bad dog car crates.

Top 5 Crash Tested Dog Car Crates


What are the safest dog crates for car travel?

To be certain that you are getting a safe crate for your dog you need to consider the processes that the manufacturer has undertaken to check the strength and safety of their crates.

There are very few dog crate producers that test their products and even less that have any formal certifications to say that they have been tested.

Our view is that the VarioCage range offer the most comprehensive options for dogs in terms of quality of build, testing and sizes, they are also more readily available.

The Gunner range and Proline range are also competent and tested crates but are less common and may be difficult to obtain in some countries.

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