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How many puppies do Springer spaniels have?

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English Springer spaniels are one of the more popular spaniel breeds and there are often good litters of puppies available in most areas.

The breed is a popular pet, more than capable working dog and is often a good looker at dog shows.If you are thinking of breeding Springer puppies or are looking at litters then you may wonder how many puppies do Springer spaniels have?

Having bred Springer spaniels I’ve seen that the number of puppies that a Springer spaniel can have varies from 2 up to about 8. Most Springer spaniels have litters of around 4 to 6 puppies but it has been known for Springer spaniels to have up to 15 puppies in a single litter, although this number is exceptional and rare.

What affects the amount of puppies that a Springer spaniel has?

The age of the mother (Dam) is the key factor in the number of puppies that a Springer spaniel ( or any dog ) will have. 

Normally a mother’s first litter is small, maybe two to four puppies and, as the mother grows older any subsequent litters of pups will be larger.

As perhaps expected, the size of the litters will reach a peak and, as the mother grow older and further litters will be smaller in size.

Springer spaniels are medium sized dogs and the size of a dog will also affect the number of puppies that are born, smaller dogs tend to have less puppies than large dogs.

how many puppies do springer spaniels have

What is the best age to breed a Springer spaniel?

Before you breed puppies from a Springer spaniel you should first make sure that your bitch is fully mature. This will generally mean that she has had at least one season and she has stopped developing and growing.

Dogs mature at different rates and, rather than focus on age of your Springer, you should consider her maturity before you breed from her.

As a general rule of thumb, most spaniels, Springer spaniels included, are fully mature by the time that they reach 18 months of age and really this should be the point that you consider breeding.

Any sooner and you increase the risk of subjecting your Springer to stresses and potential health issues that could impact both her and her puppies. 

Make sure that your Springer is healthy before having puppies

Responsible spaniel breeders will ensure that their dogs are healthy and have no underlying conditions before breeding puppies.

You should make sure that your potential Springer spaniel puppy mummy is fit and healthy before you breed from her. This is only being responsible and will prevent her from experiencing any difficulties and also avoid breeding puppies that could be unwell.

Before you go ahead with breeding from your Springer you should consult your vet and ask for their professional advice and opinion.

They may recommend a range of examinations to determine if your dog is free from any hereditary health conditions or problems.

How many puppies does a Springer spaniel have in her first litter?

Most Springer spaniels will, on average have between four to six puppies in her first litter, although this can vary and is not cast in stone.

Most female Springer spaniels have ten teats which suggests that she can support ten puppies, but this is not necessarily the case and it is more than likely that the average Springer spaniel will have less puppies that this in her first litter.

Conclusion -How many puppies do Springer spaniels have?

The number of puppies that Springer spaniels have is dependant upon the age and health of the mother and often the time of year, the conditions and to some extent, luck.

Average puppy numbers for Springer spaniels are between four and eight puppies with any more being rare and unlikely and less than this more common.

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