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Can dogs eat pears?

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Pears are a healthy and tasty fruit that are enjoyed by many. But what about dogs? Can dogs eat pears and, if so what type of pairs are safe for dogs to eat and how much can they have?

In this blog post I’ll deal with the matter of whether dogs can eat pears or not.

Yes. Dogs can eat pears and the occasional snack of pear will be a nice treat for your dog. Like most fruit, pears are high in natural sugars and should only be fed in small amounts. Only give fresh pears and never canned or processed. Never give the pips to your dog.

Are pears toxic to dogs?

Pears are safe for dogs to eat, but even safe foods can be a choking hazard.

Dogs may love the taste of your leftover pear cores and it’s tempting to give them one as a treat from time-to-time.

But do refrain from giving your dog pears with seeds in them since they’re toxic. Not only that, these parts have been known to cause choking hazards (especially when given whole)

Are pears good for dogs?

Pears contain a range of vitamins and other nutrients that can be good for your dog.

Pears are high in natural fibre which will help your dog’s digestion. They’re also rich in Vitamin C, which can help your dog stay healthy.

Pears are a good source of natural sugars, as well as Vitamins A and K. These vitamins may be beneficial to dogs who have a tendency toward diabetes or hypoglycemia. Pears provide potassium that can help muscle control and nerve transmission.

Are there any risks of feeding pears to dogs?

There are a couple of things that you need to take into account when feeding pears to dogs:

Pear seeds contain cyanide and, if your dog eats a lot of seeds, then he is at risk of poisoning. Never feed pear seeds or cores that contain seeds to your dog.

Like many fruits, pears contain a lot of sugar. If fed in too high a quantity this can result in an upset stomach.

Only ever feed ripe fruit. You should never give soft or mouldy pears to a dog.

Can dogs eat canned pears?

Canned pears tend to have added sugar, along with other additives such as preservatives and artificial sweeteners. For this reason canned pears should not be given to dogs.

Only ever feed fresh fruit to your dog.

How to feed pear to a dog ?

Cut the pear into small pieces and serve with a scoop of plain yoghurt.

Grate some pear into your dog’s food

Bake some dog biscuits and add some pear to the mix

Blend some pear into a puree and then add some water before freezing it into ice cubes that you can then add to your dog’s water dish.

Final Words

If your dog has a healthy appetite and doesn’t have any allergies, it is safe to give them pears.

Dogs can enjoy all sorts of fruit without hesitation including apples, bananas, watermelon- the list goes on! Pears are very nutritious so they make an excellent addition to a balanced diet for dogs.

Make sure you cut up the pear into small pieces before feeding it to your pet as this will prevent choking hazards and reduce their risk of getting indigestion.

These simple precautions will ensure that both you and your pet remain happy and healthy while enjoying the deliciousness of pears together.

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