can dogs eat yorkshire pudding

Can dogs eat Yorkshire pudding?

As a traditional northern England batter dish, Yorkshire pudding is still enjoyed by millions of people when they have a roast dinner. Often the remains are fed to pet dogs who enjoy the gravy, meat and vegetables, but can they eat the puddings?

Yorkshire puddings are a simple, batter based pudding made from flour, water, milk and egg. They are perfectly safe for dogs to eat as an occasional treat. There is no benefit to feeding them to your dog as they are low in nutritional value but the odd one or two won’t cause any harm to him.


For the benefit of those that have never heard of, seen, or tasted a Yorkshire pudding.

Yorkshire puddings are made from batter ( similar to the batter that you would make a pancake from). The batter is then poured into small, circular or square oven tray, containing cooking oil or dripping, that have previously been heated in the oven.

They are then left to cook and, if the batter mix is a good one, they will rise to make a light, fluffy and savoury pudding that is crisp around the edges and softer in the middle.

If you want to try making some then take a look at Mary Berry’s recipe here.

can dogs eat yorkshire pudding

How to give Yorkshire pudding to a dog

There are no considerations to make if you decide to give your dog a Yorkshire pudding to eat, just make sure that you don’t give him too many.

Make sure that it is cold before you serve it, they cool really quickly. Add some gravy to it in his dish to make it more palatable for him.

If it has gone really crunchy then you can just let him have it as a treat to chomp, he’ll eat it in no time at all.

Or, you can cut it up and just add it to his normal food.


You can safely feed Yorkshire puddings to your dog. Don’t give too many, just the odd one perhaps left over from your roast dinner.

If you make great Yorkshire puddings, however, your dog probably won’t have much of an opportunity to eat them as the family will wolf them down first.