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Is it safe for a dog to sleep under the covers?

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Many dog owners find that from time to time their dog, if he lives inside, will attempt to get under the bed covers at night to sleep.

For most people they see this as potentially dangerous and wonder is it for a dog to sleep under the covers?

Providing that the covers are not restrictive and that the dog is able to get out from underneath them on his own then, yes, it is perfectly safe for a dog to sleep under the covers., he will enjoy it and will come to no harm providing that he can get out when he needs to.

Why do dogs like to sleep under the covers?

In many ways some dogs like to sleep under the covers for the very same reasons that humans do. It is warm and secure and the covers help to provide a sense of protection and comfort.

Your bed will smell of you and for your dog it is an ideal place to settle down, get comfortable and relax and goto sleep. Often he will feel cold and crawl under the blankets for extra warmth, this can be common when the weather gets colder in the winter months.

It is also worth remembering that dogs are social animals and it is in their DNA to live in a community. The domestic dog lives alongside humans and he likes to pile up with them for relaxation and sleeping.

If you are under the covers then there is a fair chance that your dog would like to get under them as well to be beside you.

Is it bad to let your dog sleep with you?

Your dog enjoys being with you and this extends in many cases to dogs wanting to sleep with their owners. As to whether it is bad is questionable and really a matter of personal choice. 

Your dog does need to understand that if he does sleep with you then it is on your terms and that you must be comfortable before you will let him have his space on the bed. A growling dog that doesn’t let you into the bed is no good for anyone.

Your dog needs to sleep somewhere and, if you choose to let him sleep on your bed then it won’t do him any harm at all.

As for you – well, get used to sharing your bed with an animal that can snore, break wind and take up all of the room and shove you over the edge.

Is it safe for a dog to sleep under the covers?

Do dogs need something comfortable to sleep on?

We all appreciate a nice warm and comfortable bed and so does your dog, which is why, for many dogs, the human bed is their preferred option.

Dogs need a warm and comfortable place to sleep and even if they do spend some of their time sleeping on your bed, they will also need a space of their own where they can settle down and rest during the day.

Thankfully dog beds have evolved from the hard plastic items that were once common and it is now possible to get beds that would put a five star hotel to shame.

If you would like to get your dog a bed that you would like for yourself then I’ve found some fantastic dog beds over on Etsy.

These beds are unique and will provide your dog with a bed that his doggy friends will envy.  You can see some of them here.

Can a dog overheat under the covers?

Your dog could overheat when he is under the bed covers but the chances of this happening are rare.

Your dog is able to regulate his temperature sensibly and easily in these circumstances and simply, if he gets too warm then he will get out from beneath the covers to cool off.

If your dog does sleep beneath the covers then just make sure that he can get out easily and you’ll have very few, if any problems with overheating.

Final Words

Many dogs enjoy sleeping under the bed covers with their owners. For the dog it helps to create a sense of security and safety, it is also warm and while under the covers he is next to his owner.

Providing that the dog can easily get out from beneath the covers when he needs to, he will come to no harm sleeping with his owners under the blankets.

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