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Are cocker spaniels easy to take care of?

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Before you get any type of dog it is always a sensible and good idea to do some research to find out more about the breed, it’s needs and whether or not that type of dog will suit your lifestyle and your family.

Cocker spaniels are lively and intelligent dogs that need a good, secure home where they will be able to enjoy human companionship. As working dogs they love the outdoors and enjoy being able to run freely. They are easy to take care of providing that you can cater for their basic needs.

What do Cocker spaniels need?

All dogs, and this includes Cocker spaniels, whether working or not, need:

  • A safe and secure place to call home. Somewhere where your Cocker can sleep, rest and get out of the way for some privacy is important. There are many good dog beds and indoor kennels, such as these, that are suitable for Cockers and which will provide him with what he needs.
  • Food and water – this is a basic need for any animal and you should aim to provide your Cocker spaniel with the best food that you can afford. You can see some recommended foods for spaniels in this post. You should always make sure that he has access to clean water.
  • Exercise and play – All dogs need to be able to play and exercise. Cocker spaniels love to run freely and explore, using their noses to scent animals and game.  You should be prepared to take your spaniel out every day, regardless of the weather and of how you feel.
  • Family times – Cocker spaniels are sociable dogs that love spending time with their families. You should be prepared to chill out with your Cocker and, if you have children, show them how to play with the dog safely and sensibly.
are cocker spaniels easy to take care of

Are Cocker spaniel puppies easy to take care of?

As young dogs, Cocker spaniels have needs just like all other puppies. In addition to the things above you will need to spend as much time as possible with your puppy to help him to develop and grow in his understanding of the world around him.

When he is old enough you should take him out to as many different places as possible, allowing him to explore and become familiar with different people and situations.

Introduce him to childen, older people, other dogs and help him to develop a balanced view of the world.

Looking after a Cocker spaniel puppy is not dissimilar to looking after a child. Look after him, help him to stay safe and help him to grow and understand the world around him.

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How to care for an older Cocker spaniel

As your Cocker spaniel becomes older there will be some changes in his behaviour and you’ll need to adapt to make sure that you look after him properly.

It is likely that he will want to rest more but he will still enjoy going out for a walk and you should aim to keep him fit and healthy with regular walks. Be aware that he may not be as sprightly as hr was when younger and may not be able to walk as far.

He may also decide to sit down and have a rest a walk – take the opportunity to rest your legs with him and enjoy the view.

Your spaniel will also be more likely to gain weight so watch his diet and, if necessary look for a senior dog food that is lighter in nutrition and more suitable for older dogs.

Keep him comfortable and warm and let him rest when he needs to, making sure that he has his own space where he can retreat and rest.

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To sum up..

Take your time to find out what you can about Cocker spaniels before you get one. There are plenty of books available about the breed – you can see some here.

Remember that Cockers are lively dogs that love being outside so be prepared to go for walks and adventures which will help your dog to enjoy life.

Above all always remember that Cockers, like all dogs, need a secure and loving home, where they are looked after and kept healthy.

Get these basics right and you’ll find that Cocker spaniels are easy dogs to take care of.

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