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Can dogs eat Christmas dinner? It’s a fantastic treat

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Christmas is a great time of year and many people are fortunate enough to be able to spend the day relaxing with family and friends and enjoy a good meal with plenty of drinks.

But, what about the dogs? Can dogs eat Christmas dinner along with the humans?

Not only is Christmas dinner a great treat for a dog, it is also a great opportunity for the dog to eat with the people that he loves the most, his family. Christmas dinner is great for dogs but you need to watch the amount and some of the things that you put on your dog’s plate.

Is Christmas dinner safe for dogs?

Overall, Christmas dinner is perfectly safe for your dog to eat.

The main, savoury course is normally comprised of meat – such as beef, turkey, goose, lamb or whatever your preference is and this is normally accompanied by vegetables, gravy and other additions such as Yorkshire puddings.

The main things to watch for when feeding your dog his Christmas dinner is to be aware of the quantity that you give to him.

Humans normally overeat at Christmas and the same can happen with dogs.

There is no need to serve him a large amount, some meat with gravy will be enough of a treat.

Don’t give your dog any of the bones from the Christmas dinner, as he could choke or suffer an internal injury if he eats turkey, chicken or other cooked bones which could splinter inside him.

Can dogs eat Christmas turkey?

Dogs can safely eat Christmas turkey but, before you feed this to him you should take the time to make sure that all of the bones have been removed.

The skin is often really tasty and your dog will love this but it is also very high in fat content so, if you have a small and inactive pooch then don’t give him too much.

The healthiest part of the turkey to feed to your dog is the leg meat. This darker, muscle dense area, contains very little fat and, like the skin can often be tastier than other areas of the cooked bird.

Can dogs eat Christmas dinner? It's a fantastic treat
Can dogs eat Christmas dinner? It’s a fantastic treat

Things that you should not feed to your dog in his Christmas dinner

Some of the ‘additional items’ in a human Christmas dinner should not be fed to your dog as they can be harmful – at best he will have massive amounts of wind and, at worst they could make him seriously unwell.

You should not feed:

Anything with onion – this includes sage and onion stuffing, leeks, garlic or any other vegetable or food item that contains items from this group.

Milk, cheese or dairy products – many dogs are okay with small amounts of these but the temptation at Christmas is to gorge and it is easy for your dog to eat too much.

Foods that may contain artificial sweeteners – there are many sweetners that, although fine for humans, can kill dogs – be careful and check first.

Chocolate – many people know the dangers of feeding chocolate to a dog and many dogs have died from eating it.

Never feed chocolate to your dog and, at Christmas, when there may be lots more chocolate around, keep it out of your dog’s way. Dogs love chocolate but chocolate can, and has, killed dogs.

Alcohol – Your dog cannot deal with alcohol in the same way that a human being can.

If he consumes alcohol of any form then he will quickly become intoxicated which could be fatal.

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Is Christmas pudding bad for dogs?

Best to avoid feeding Christmas pudding to your dog. It is normally packed with things that are poisonous to dogs and there is a chance of your dog becoming very unwell if he eats Christmas pudding.

The ingredients in a normal Christmas pudding include things such as raisins, dried fruits, brandy and other things that may result in a human getting fat but which could result in a trip to the vet’s if eaten by a dog.

You should not feed Christmas pudding to your dog. It is bad for him.

Can I give my dog Christmas cake?

It’s not a good idea to feed Christmas cake to a dog for similar reasons as Christmas pudding.

It is often full of things that can harm a dog such as raisins and icing can contain sweeteners that are dangerous to canines.

If you want to give your dog a Christmas cake treat then why not bake a doggy Christmas cake or some special dog party treats for him?

Final Words

Dogs enjoy Christmas and, provided that you watch what and how much you feed him, there is no reason why you should not give your dog his own Christmas dinner.

The chances are that, like the humans, he will want to stretch out in front of the fire afterwards but, that is one of the consequences of Christmas dinner.

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