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What can Cocker spaniels eat? Cocker spaniel diet tips

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What can Cocker spaniels eat? Cocker spaniels should be fed a balanced diet which will help to keep them fit and healthy. The best types of food for your Cocker spaniel to eat will be meat based and readily available, so that you can maintain consistency of feeding with quality of food.

You should aim to feed your Cocker spaniel the best quality food that you can afford, this is will often be in the form of a complete, commercial, dog food.

What do Cocker spaniels eat?

Cocker spaniels will eat most things if they get the chance but not all things are good for them.

There are a wide range of commercially available dog foods that you can get for your spaniel which have been developed just for dogs.

It can be tricky to decide which food is best for a Cocker without doing lots of research and checking different foods.

For over 30 years we have fed our spaniels, Cockers and English Springers, the dried dog foods produced by Eukanuba.

Our dogs have always done well with this dried food and we find that it is widely available and consistent in quality.

There is a wide range of Eukanuba foods available, from puppy to older dog, and you can see this range here on Amazon.

You can find out more about how to feed a Cocker spaniel in our post at this link.

Popular complete foods for Cocker spaniels

Are there organic foods for Cocker spaniels?

Organic feeding has become more popular in recent years and many dog food producers have expanded their ranges to include dog foods that are produced from organic ingredients and contain no artificial additives or preservatives.

A number of organic foods are available for Cockers and you can see our review on some of the best foods in our Organic Dog Food article here.

If organic dog foods are important to you then you’ll also find a wide range of choices at Amazon.

How many times a day should a Cocker spaniel eat?

Adult Cocker spaniels, that are fit and healthy, will do best if they eat twice a day.

You can feed an adult Cocker once a day if you choose but they really do best having two smaller meals daily.

A puppy will need more regular feeding and this is generally around 4 times daily, depending on his age, reducing this to 3 meals and then, by the time he is one year old he should be on two meals daily.

You can read more about Cocker spaniel puppy feeding and the best food for spaniel puppies in our post here.

Is raw food good for Cocker spaniels?

We regularly feed raw, tripe based food to our Cockers and they love it.

Raw feeding of dogs has become a lot more common in recent times and there are a wide variety of raw foods available.

Most raw dog food producers only offer products that have been produced to human grade specifications, meaning that the quality of the food is good and consistent and that the food has been made in hygienic and safe conditions.

There are several products available and our current favourite that we feed right now is the range from Nature’s Menu who provide raw tripes in a range of different flavours.

You can see Nature’s Menu Raw Dog Foods here.

You can find out more about feeding raw foods to Cocker spaniels in our post here.

How much food should a Cocker spaniel have?

It is always best to start by checking the weight of your dog and following the guidelines on the dog food manufacturer’s pack.

Like people, dogs differ in how much food they need and an active, fit dog will need more food than a spaniel which is a couch potato.

Generally speaking if your start by giving your Cocker between 1.5 and 2.5 cups of food daily, split between his mealtimes, then that will give you a starting point.

Monitor your dog’s diet. If he leaves food then remove the excess and reduce his portion sizes, if he appears to be hungry and dropping weight, then increase the portion size.

It’s likely that he will eat more in the winter than the summer ( although you never really know with Cockers as they can always seem hungry).

Avoid feeding him titbits, too many treats or things from the table.

Spaniels can put on weight quickly if they are fed too much so watch for this too.

Is it safe for Cocker spaniels to eat fruit?

 There are several fruits that are safe for Cocker spaniels to eat such as strawberries and apples and there are also fruits that dogs should never eat – things like grapes.

For a list of safe and dangerous fruits visit our article here which will help.

FAQs about Cocker Spaniel Feeding

Can Cocker Spaniels Eat Eggs?

Eggs are enjoyed by Cocker spaniels provided that they are fresh.

You can feed raw eggs to your Cocker but it is better, and safer to feed them cooked.

Cockers enjoy scrambled and poached eggs the most.

Can Cocker Spaniels Eat Cucumbers?

Fresh Cucumber ( not pickled) is a good treat for a spaniel.

Cut them into chunks and your Cocker will enjoy crunching them.

They are a good source of water and vitamins.

Can Cocker Spaniels Eat Bread?

Cockers can eat bread but only in small amounts.

Plain, white bread is the best choice as long as your spaniel has no allergies.

Cockers enjoy toast with butter too.

Can Cocker Spaniels Eat Bananas?

Bananas are a good source of nutrients and some spaniels enjoy them.

The most off putting thing for dogs is that bananas are soft with little texture, so if you want to feed bananas, then it’s best to mash them up into your spaniel’s food.

Final Words

Cocker spaniels can have a varied diet which can include different foods.

Always keep the main food as a purpose made dog food which is meat based to keep your spaniel in the best of health.

Treats are great for spaniels but don’t feed too many as he can easily become overweight.

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