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Can dogs eat Quaker oats? Things that you need to know

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Many people enjoy a bowl of Quaker oats, particularly when the weather gets cold and they need something filling and warming to eat.

Quaker oats provide a great start to the day for humans, but are they suitable for dogs?

It is perfectly safe for dogs to eat Quaker oats. They are an excellent source of energy and fibre and can be ideal for dogs that have bowel problems. Quaker oats are also safe for dogs that have wheat allergies and that may be sensitive to other food products.

The basics of feeding Quaker oats to dogs

You should always cook the oats before serving to your dog and you should never add any sugar or other forms of sweeteners.

Quaker oats and oatmeal are high in fibre and contain a wide range of nutrients and minerals which, if served in moderation, can have numerous benefits for dogs.

Oatmeal is a good source of carbohydrate for dogs and can be useful for dogs that have allergies and other conditions that make some foods unsuitable for them.

It also contains a healthy level of vitamins and minerals which can help your dog to maintain a shiny coat and good skin.

Just as it is for people, oatmeal contains high levels of fibre which can help your dog with his blood glucose levels and maintain and improve bowel health too.

can dogs eat quaker oats
Can dogs eat Quaker oats?

How to prepare oatmeal for dogs

When you make porridge for your dog you should only ever make it with water as cow’s milk can upset your dog’s stomach.

Only use plain oatmeal or Quaker oats and don’t ever feed any that have added fruits, syrup or other things as there are some fruits that can harm your dog and which should never be fed.

Raw oats should never be fed to a dog and they should always be cooked, don’t be tempted to sprinkle or mix raw oats into his other food, they should always be cooked first.

Never feed a dog flavoured oats as they can contain artificial additives and sweetners, such as Xylitol, which is poisonous to dogs.

Once you’ve cooked the oats always allow them to cool to about room temperature so that your dog does not burn his mouth.

How much oats can I feed to my dog?

Too much of any human food can upset your dog’s stomach and it is important not too overdo it and to feed oats to your dog in moderation.

You should always introduce a new food, such as oats, gradually and, for most large dogs half a cup of cooked oats, served twice a week is enough.

For smaller dogs the amount should be reduced so that you don’t overfeed your dog.

As well as oats, you should always make sure that your dog is enjoying a good, balanced diet by feeding a good, commercial dog food

Benefits of Oats

Oats are a nutiritous food and adding oats to your dog’s diet can provide him with a number of benefits:

Oats are rich in antioxidants 

They contain high levels of soluble fibre

Feeding oats can help to lower cholesterol levels

Oats can help your dog to maintain and control good blood sugar levels

Oatmeal is filling and, when used carefully alongside your dog’s daily diet, they can help him to lose weight

Risks of feeding oats to dogs

There are very few risks associated with feeding oats to dogs. The key things to remember are:

Always cook the oats and never feed them uncooked

Use water when making the porridge and never feed flavoured oat or oats with fruits

Introduce the oats gradually into your dog’s diet

Don’t feed too much

Always monitor your dog whenever you introduce a new food into his diet and if he displays any reaction or adverse responses then reduce or remove the food until you have spoken to your vet.

can dogs eat quaker oats
Quaker oats are safe for dogs if given in moderation

Can dogs eat Quaker oats and oatmeal?

Yes they can.

They are a good dietary addition and, provided that you introduce this food gradually and carefully, your dog will benefit from the additional fibre and nutrients that they provide.

Final words

Dogs can eat Quaker oats as long as you don’t add sugar or any other forms of sweetener or flavouring.

Oats, on their own, will not provide your dog with the nutrients that he needs but they can be a useful option for a dog with an upset stomach – as always if your dog is unwell then get your vet’s advice before attempting any treatment.

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