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Can Cocker spaniels eat canned tuna?

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Fish is a popular choice of foods for dogs and can provide your pet with a wide range of valuable nutrients and oils that will help him to stay fit and healthy.

But does this extend to canned fish, such as canned tuna?

Canned tuna in brine is a good choice for a Cocker spaniel and, if fed in moderation it will provide your dog with some valuable nutrients and beneficial and healthy oils. It also makes a nice treat and alternative meal for dogs, most of whom, love the smell and taste.

What are the benefits of feeding canned tuna to my dog?

Many dog foods contain tuna and other fish, it is good source of protein, oils and nutrients that, as well as being good for humans, is also good for spaniels and other dogs.

Feeding tuna fish to your Cocker Spaniel can provide him with a number of health benefits:

Tuna can help to lower blood pressure

It is good for your dog’s heart

Your spaniel‘s immune system will benefit

Feeding tuna can be good for overweight dogs as it helps weight loss

Tuna is s good source of energy

It is good for skin, bones, eyes and coat.

Tuna fish can help your spaniel if he has an upset stomach

Is canned tuna good for Cocker spaniels?

Tuna fish is a great source of high quality protein and it contains almost no fat.

Canned tuna contains all of the amino acids that your spaniel needs for healthy growth and for the maintenance of lean body tissue and muscles.

Canned tuna is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which can help the brain development of puppies,  strengthen your spaniel’s immune system, reduce inflammation and help your dog to fight off cancers and other illnesses.

Tuna, like all fish is a great alternative for your spaniel and, if fed carefully, will provide you with a different option when feeding your spaniel.

The taste and smell is something that most dogs love.

Popular tuna choices for dogs

John West Tuna Steak in Brine 200 g (Pack of 12)
  • Contains fish
  • Tuna steak in brine
  • Although care is taken when preparing our fish, some bones may remain

Is tuna a superfood for dogs?

Superfoods are those which provide maximum amount of nutrients with the minimum of calories and there are a few foods that provide health benefits to your dog in this way.

The natural oils in tuna fish provide high levels of nutrients with minimal levels of calories making tuna an ideal superfood for your spaniel.

How much canned tuna can I feed a Cocker spaniel?

It’s clear that canned tuna fish is great for a Cocker Spaniel and that there are many health benefits for your dog.

There is a concern about mercury levels contained within some types of tuna, due, in the main to their feeding habits, and it is sensible to limit the amount of tuna fish that you feed to your Cocker.

Once or twice a week is the maximum suggested for adult Cocker Spaniels.

Is canned tuna healthy for Cocker spaniels?

Canned tuna fish is a healthy option for your spaniel and makes a nice treat. 

When you go to buy canned tuna for your dog always look for tuna fish that is in water or brine rather than oil and preferably without any added salt.

The oil that some tuna is packed in can upset your spaniel’s stomach. 

If the only tuna that you can find is packed in oil then you should rinse the tuna in a sieve with tap water to remove as much of the oil as possible before feeding it to your dog.

can cocker spaniels eat canned tuna
Spaniels enjoy tuna fish

Can I feed tuna fish to my Cocker Spaniel everyday?

Tuna fish are large, long living fish, and their bodies can contain high levels of mercury. 

Tuna are not toxic to dogs but, if you feed tuna fish to your spaniel too often, then there is a possibility of your spaniel ingesting levels of mercury that could be bad for him.

Daily feeding if any form of tuna, canned or otherwise, to your Cocker Spaniel is not recommended.

Is tuna good for Cocker Spaniels that are unwell?

Last summer, Boris, one of my Cocker Spaniel was unwell. He had contracted giardia which made him pretty poorly and upset his stomach quite badly.

After getting treatment from the vet, the vet suggested a diet of mashed potato and tuna fish for Boris, to get him eating and to help to settle his tummy.

Boris is normally great with his meals but this illness had really taken its effect on him, but, as soon as he was given the mashed potato mixed with the tuna, he wolfed it down.

A few small meals of this and he re-gained his energy and, along with his doggy meds he was soon back to normal.

So, from our experience a diet of small meals of mashed potato, mixed with a small can of tuna, works wonders for Cocker Spaniels that are unwell.

Can Cocker spaniels eat tuna and rice?

Yes. Tuna and rice is a good combination for your Cocker spaniel.

You should however always make sure that the tuna fish is in water or brine and not oil and, of course make sure that the rice is cooked properly and has cooled before you feed it.

Mix the tuna fish into the rice, you can add the water from the can to the dish for extra flavor.

Can Cocker spaniel puppies eat tuna?

Canned tuna fish makes a good meal for a Cocker Spaniel puppy. The richness of Omega 3 oils will help your puppy with all aspects of his development.

The best way to feed tuna to your puppy is to mix about a quarter of a can of tuna fish into the puppy’s regular food mashing it thoroughly to make sure that any small bones have been crushed.

How to feed tuna fish to a Cocker spaniel

You should not have any problems getting your Cocker Spaniel to eat tuna fish.

I’ve found that most spaniels like fish as much as meat and they will happily scoff as much tuna as they can get.

If you have never given your dog tuna before then, like with every other new food, you should introduce it gradually, never all at once to avoid upsetting his tummy.

You should use tuna fish as an occasional treat, as opposed to a regular, daily meal. Mix the tuna fish in with your Cocker’s other food if you can, and add the water from the can which he will enjoy.

If your Cocker starts with an upset tummy or has diarrhoea after feeding him tuna fish, then you should avoid feeding him tuna.

Final Words

Tuna fish is a healthy and tasty treat for your Cocker spaniel.

As long as sensible precautions are taken  then giving canned tuna fish to your Cocker spaniel as an occasional treat should be okay.

If you do decide to give your Cocker spaniel canned tuna fish then make sure that it is canned in water or brine and not oil.

Only give your Cocker a small portion of tuna at a time, if possible then the best way is to mix it with his regular food.

Your Cocker will get benefits from the Omega 3 oils in the fish and feeding small amounts at a maximum of twice a week will help to keep him healthy.

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