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Can dogs have Greek yoghurt? Yes, but should they?

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Yoghurt is a great protein packed food that is full of beneficial probiotic enzymes that have good effects on human health and, having seen the benefits, many people now ask can dogs have Greek yoghurt?

Greek yoghurt can be useful addition to your dog’s diet if fed correctly and in moderation. Of all yogurt types Greek yoghurt is the best to give a dog as it contains less lactose and sugars than regular yoghurt and it can help to improve a dog’s digestion.

How much Greek yoghurt can a dog have?

This depends on the size of your dog and his activity levels. 

Small dogs should have a single tablespoon of Greek yoghurt daily, which can be mixed into their normal food at mealtimes.

For medium and larger dogs 2 to 3 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt daily will be a good, healthy addition to his diet when added to his food.

When you introduce your dog to any new dog food such as yoghurt, you should do so gradually and always only give small amounts to reduce any risk if stomach upset or other reaction.

What kind of Greek yoghurt can dogs have?

Plain, unflavoured and unsweetened Greek yogurt should only be fed to dogs.

This is the most natural form and contains the most beneficial probiotics and bacteria for your dog.

You should never feed any yoghurt that contains added fruit, berries or anything else as it may contain artificial sweetners or other ingredients that could be dangerous to your dog.

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How can Greek yoghurt help a dog?

Probiotic yoghurts, such as Greek yoghurts, can help a dog with gut and stomach health. 

Additionally these types of yoghurts can help dogs that suffer from yeast and skin infections such as rashes and ear problems.

Greek yoghurt can help your dog to develop a strong and more effective immune system and it will also help him to absorb nutrients from food.

These yoghurts also contain significant levels of protein , calcium and other nutrients that are all beneficial to your dog.

Can I give my dog Greek yoghurt for diarrhea?

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea and you are concerned then you should always get professional help from your vet.

Greek yoghurt could help your dog with diarrhea and you should add a small quantity to dry food, such as toast or a small amount of kibble to help to settle his symptoms.

There are also other ways to help a dog with diarrhea which you can read about here.

Final words

Dogs can have Greek yoghurt and it can be useful as a means of helping your dog if he has an upset stomach.

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